I had my first BPSK-63 QSO today. I like these modes, just set the rig to 14.070 and follow the matrix-like display… with no audio to annoy the wife.

Mind you, as yet I have had no success having a CQ answered. I’ve sent plenty but currently the rather poor drive from the PC results in very little RF power. I hope to rectify that next week.

There is a lot of RTTY about with the BARTG contest. Plenty of decodes but I’ve not joined in because I am not up to entering. Once the contest ends I’ll have a good sniff for RTTY. Pity I don’t have a nice old clattery Creed 7E to do it properly… but that is probably a step too far as I am still only a lodger in the spare room (aka study, aka shack) and may well be turfed out into the shed!



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