So I now have a Creed 444 teleprinter. I’ve been after a teleprinter for about 2 years now. When I was still at school I used to buy, strip, repair and sell Creed 7E’s – maybe 7 or 8 passed through my hands and on to others for pocket money. Back then I had two 7Es for myself, as well as a tape reader, tape punch and a valved TU hanging off a B40 / B41 setup. Weight was not an issue in my basement workshop… But I’ve never had one of the more modern units like the 444 (yes, modern is a relative term here!)

Having manhandled the beast from the car to the workshop I now need to learn how it is put together so I can be sure it’s not going to fly into bits when I power it up. However, hopefully I’ll get it running and then get an interface set up. I doubt it will be allowed in the shack (aka the little bedroom) so it may well have to run in the workshop – but that does give the excuse to acquire a nice old comms receiver to go with…



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