The Creed lives

Getting to grips with the Creed 444… everything seemed fine and it all rotated ok by hand so with the help of eBay I got the proper power socket and wired it up today. Things did not go entirely to plan…

1st attempt. Lots of loud noise from the motor. Well, at least it spins… the motor has a height adjustment at the rear which engages the worm with the drive gear at the front and this was completely undone. Adjusted…

2nd attempt. The lights went out! Hmmm. So, a tiny strand of copper wire had linked between the earth and live on the plug. Yes, the same one I had just soldered up carefully. Grrr.

3rd attempt and it runs. Key presses work the sequence, the WRU works too. As yet no print as I need to put a ribbon on and some paper in, but more importantly sort out the data side of things. I wonder what the WRU says… I could work it out by hand but I’ll leave that until I get it to print. Equally, I wonder if I can find a blank one to put my callsign into… now that would be an ideal candidate for 3D printing! (can I use this as a reason to buy a 3D printer…)

The motor and gear makes a particular whirring sound and a useful Youtube video of someone testing one of these beasts sounds the same, so that’s good. There is a rattle which I need to locate but I still need to take the unit apart anyway and make sure everything is properly oiled.

I wonder if the kids will believe that we used to use similar machines as input/output terminals on the mainframe at work in the 1980s!



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