Projects, projects…

I seem to be collecting projects but making no progress on any of them! Well, ok I have five on the go, of which one is started and one nearly, and three are in boxes still.

Since Es’Hail-2 (QO-100) went up I’ve been planning to set up a receiver for it, and later on hopefully a transmitter as well. One thing at a time (or in my case it seems no things at any time!) So, I have an acceptable LNB, not a good one but should suffice until I get a more decent one. I now have a bias tee, some relevant connectors, I have a roll of CT125 satellite cable somewhere and I am now waiting for a 120cm satellite dish and pole to arrive. If this arrives today I may even get it working by tomorrow, otherwise next week.

The Creed 444 is the one project that has at least had some progress. For that, I now just need to wire up the 50-way D connector to the signalling unit and then it should type to itself, otherwise it will need adjusting as that’s all that is left if the text is still garbled.

Then there is a box full of bits to construct a Minitiouner receiver which will receive ATV (and will hopefully receive it from QO-100 too). All the bits are there ready to solder up.

And there is a box of bits to make a low power 5.6GHz ATV setup. All that needs is a box!

And finally, a box of bits to make up the QRP Labs 40MHz QRP transceiver. I’ve only had that since the National Hamfest – of 2017!




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