My current issue with receiving QO100 (not got round to transmitting yet, baby steps!) is where to put the 1.2m dish. I don’t really want it on the wall or at the front of the house as it’s grey and huge. It can’t go at the front of the workshop due to an apple tree and if it goes anywhere on the garden we’ll fall over it. I’m currently thinking that the bit of land we have at the back of the garage will do and I can easily run the cables into the workshop from there, or even put all the RF side of things in the garage. But with no cable route from the garage to the shack (aka the little bedroom) it seems I will need the SDR co-mounted with the RF bits and run it via Ethernet or Wifi. Of course, there is also the wall outside the little bedroom but then we’d see it every time we gaze over at the moors…

Update 11/April/20 I’ve worked it out. There is room at the front of the workshop to the side of the apple tree where the dish will see the sky if it’s up maybe 4 foot. The mount I have is 3 foot so my ‘plan A’ is to get a 4 foot 2″ pole and an extender clamp, set some concrete (whenever we’re out of lockdown) and get the dish up. This makes it a doddle to feed the cables into the workshop.



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