23cm first FM experiment

Since my last post about the SG-Labs 23cm transverter I realised I have several handhelds all of which have low power settings. Time to try some FM and get a better frequency readout. 144MHz did indeed produce 1296MHz (and some small change) on the frequency counter. Time to get adventurous – GB3WC in Wakefield is about 15 miles away and pretty much line of sight and so would make a good test.

With the transverter in repeater mode with a -6MHz shift (jumpers 1 and 3 on) and the FT2D programmed for 145.375MHz simplex (WC transmits on 1297.375MHz) – the transverter does the shifting – and the necessary 82.5Hz tone I can open GB3WC and receive it at S9+ on my 8 element 23cm Yagi. In the true spirit of let’s get this new shiny box working this test entailed the use of a microphone stand, some wire and some clamps. But it works.

Only a quick test today as the battery was nearly out on the Yaesu and it’s kind of hard to talk into it where it is. Somewhere I have a headset for it which will make life easier until I figure out how to site it properly. The tricky thing with the transverter is to get it back to simplex means taking the lid off and altering the jumpers, not particularly easy if it’s up in the loft where things are easier to leave in place.



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