Creed blues…

Having been unable to find any documentation at all for the CT100 TU I made a better effort at tracing the circuit out and I now think I know what connects to where. The magnet output is obvious, as is the audio input (TX output). I have now worked out the audio output (RX input) and traced enough of the circuit to figure out the keyboard input which has three connections for mark, space and tongue, the latter being connected to earth. The mark and space inputs pull down the inputs to matching nand gates and thence into the rest of the circuit.

The keyboard connections were the last bit of information needed. Attaching headphones to the audio output I can trigger both tones by shorting each of the mark and space inputs. So far, so good. But…

…the keyboard outputs from the 75 are open circuit, yet at rest the ‘stop’ contact should be made and thus one of the keyboard connections should be connected to it. it isn’t. A slight pressure on the contact makes it. Similarly, each of the 5 code contacts never ‘makes’ when operated (i.e. pressing a key and turning the motor by hand). But those code contacts are quite a long way off and I don’t want to adjust them until I read up on that part of the mechanism. Amazon just delivered a set of feeler gauges (my set from motorsport days are very rusty!) and spring balances so I can begin to work through the adjustments.

My general experience of teleprinters dates back to when I was still at school and all Creed 7E’s… the 75 is quite different.



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