Everything is transpiring against me

Today I had hoped to achieve two things: replace my ailing Linux PC with a far better spec’d eBay special; and add a disk to a Hikvision NVR and get it configured ready to swap the security cameras over. The disk from the eBay PC was going to go into the NVR as a test (it’s only 500GB, far too small), and the two disks currently in the Linux PC were to be swapped over to the ‘new’ PC. QED.

Ok… so the PC is a Dell. I always liked Dell PCs because they are just so easy to work on. No screws, everything clips in place. Even the hard disks sit in plastic trays and do not need screwing in. The PC has one of these already and I know I have a couple of others from a previous Dell system. So, all should just fit… right?

The other disk caddies are, of course different! Ok, back to eBay and one ordered.

But I can still sort the NVR. All I need is a SATA data cable, and I have plenty, and a SATA power cable. I have two of those in the spares box with different motherboard connectors. Yup, neither fit!

Back to eBay…

On the plus side I added a string of clip-on ferrites to the coax feeding the 9:1 unun to stop the radio whinging which it was doing when tuning 5MHz. All bands now tune up fine, well, except 160 which I am leaving well alone until I get some outdoor wire up.



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