EMF calculations

The EMF talk on yesterday’s BATC CAT21 event was extremely useful, as indeed have other talks at previous events. It has all slowly become a lot more clear, in particular the current (and hopefully future) standard setups. What was not clear to me, and probably should have been (!), is that ‘ground’ is actually the level where someone may be rather than the actual dirt. So the first floor in a house for example. At least that’s how I understand it.

Having grabbed the latest (v0.1.2a) RSGB spreadsheet I have done the calculations for my kit from 4m upwards and all is well. The two transverters feeding the big wheel and dipole in the loft both pass as compliant due to their low power, and the colinear on the FTM100DE at 50W is just high enough to be fine.

What I have done by way of recording is to save each completed spreadsheet to PDF, cut off everything except the first page, and then paste it into a document along with information explaining where the antennas are etc. The only more complicated one is my QO100 dish as that is basically at head height behind the garage. As I can see the dish from the shack and as the area is not generally accessible anyway I simply added the note that transmission will cease should anyone enter the area.

As I use a Mac and neither have nor want MS Office the documents are all in ‘Pages’ and stored locally, backed up to Time Machine and in iCloud. I reckon that’s sufficient!



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