QSL card

Up until now I’ve used generic QSL cards rather than an actual design. These served well as an M6 and a 2E but I always planned to design a card once I passed the full exam. So, one year on (no sense in rushing!) here it is:

The basic design was done by one of my boys with the final layout and production carried out by fdsQSL who also produced my previous generic cards. The photo is my own, the logo as explained previously was basically why I chose RVB because the Morse fits the wheels. The rear has all the usual stuff including an area for ‘Via’ above the target callsign, both top right to hopefully make it easy for the bureau.

I have only just got these and have yet to try one in the laser printer – which would make filling the details in easier. But given I hardly send any cards that is a lot of faff when a pen does just as well!



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