The saga of the doorbell

When we got our house way back in the last millennium it had a fairly good doorbell consisting of two tubular bells, one of which was about 18 inches long. This sounded all over the house but eventually the solenoid last its sparkle and the doorbell went from ding-dong, to dong, to a little tinny ding. So we went through a couple or three battery powered bells which were pretty pathetic and ate batteries. Eventually we settled on a wireless type from eBay and this worked well, and had two plug-in mains operated bells. But the doorbell push itself, sat out in the Yorkshire wilderness that is our drive eventually failed. A new set of radio doorbells was acquired from eBay, and this time the range was a lot better reaching all the way to the workshop. Slowly the range decreased and recently the outside bell push has had issues relating to condensation. No matter what I tried I ended up having to take it apart, clean the battery and put it back in time for the parcel person. Then then tags that held it together decided to go away on holiday and never return.

The original doorbell way back when was AC driven, 6V or so from a bell transformer and it looked as if it had been in for many decades. So, given that these new fangled units are either too weak to be of any audible use or fail regularly or both I made up a little box with an 8V transformer and wired this to an actual bells, not a ding-dong. The bell push outside is now just a switch. Being AC it will probably fair better but I have a space switch just in case.

So how is this radio related? Well, first off I have a relay wired across the bell as I plan to connect this to our Homebridge Pi to generate doorbell alarms on our iPhones. Given this relay I took the previous wireless bell push apart, unsoldered the push and wired this to a n/o contact.

So now the doorbell rings the bell and also triggers the radio bells. There, a radio project! Well, ok, it was only unsoldering a switch…



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