10GHz experiments

I am slowly getting kit together for 2.4GHz and 10GHz. So far I have SSPAs for both bands, one which will hopefully enable me to get onto the wideband DATV part of QO100, and the other as part of a 10GHz setup.

I got a Goobay LNB from eBay a while ago. My plan for this was to build it into a POTY for QO100 but I acquired a ready-made POTY that had an input for a 25MHz clock signal and that all works fine. So I wondered if this LNB could be persuaded to receive 10.368GHz. Fortunately I had not got as far as pulling it apart. The LNB is marked 67321, input range 10.7 to 12.75GHz, local oscillator frequencies at 9.75 and 10.6GHz.

Reading up on LNBs in general was advice that one can use the 24th harmonic of a 70cm handheld held in front of the LNB to generate a 10GHz signal. This I had to try and with a bias-tee feeding 12V to the LNB and an SDRPlay RSP2 and SDRUno it does in fact work.

Transmitting on 432MHz should have, in theory generated a peak at 618MHz on the SDR (10368 – 9750) but it actually came out at 618.6MHz. Well, close, and at least it is something. I checked the radio output on a counter which showed 432.0018MHz. I also checked the SDR receiving 432MHz and it showed it correctly.

So the LNB is not quite there but this was only a quick test and it does show the way to test my eventual transmitter actually transmits.

The next step is to assemble a 10GHz transverter and the parts for this are hopefully on their way.



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