IT(s) all going against me…

What fun. I had a diminutive Lenovo PC running Lubuntu as a server here that did all sorts of things. It ran a web server that hosts my personal home page and gathered various data about central heating temperatures, the weather station, and the temperatures of the various Raspberry Pi systems. It also presented pics from our security cameras and some other stuff. It was tucked away with the network switches, the NVR and the NAS and sat happily doing its thing.

A while ago it had a disk error. The disk is a 2.5″ one, 1TB, and after a decent go at fsck there were no further problems. So I thought no more about it until a reboot after a software update gave it a far greater headache. This time fsck had to repair dozens of things and the server ended up missing the ssh server and numerous other packages. Huh.

So… out with the old Stone i7 PC, on with a fresh Lubuntu and a bit of fiddling loading packages. I’ve always kept a record of everything that gets installed along with any configuration data, copies of crontabs etc. and all user files are backed up to a NAS nightly. So no huge worries and it gave me a chance to rationalise things. But this PC is a whole lot bigger. Fortunately it just fits on the shelf where the Lenovo was. Just. Ok, it hangs 2 inches over the edge, but whose counting.

I suppose I was asking a lot of the Lenovo box and the tiny hard disk which would have been active all the time with everything going on. It had all become overcomplicated with the various Pi systems saving temperature data etc. via NFS and one of the cameras downloading data every second. I’ve ditched NFS this time and simply use ssh to gather temperature data every minute having set up ssh keys.

Here is the poor old beastie having been dragged out of the cupboard into the light… nice little system. I now have two for sale!



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