To switch or patch…

I like to fiddle with stuff but getting antenna a to whatever-it-is b is complex and usually messy. Coax to the loft is all RG213 or Westflex 103 and tends to be a bit stiff and unwieldy so sits attached to whatever transceiver or transverter it was originally put in for. But mixing and matching is my aim.

Switches would be equally complex I think. So I am eyeing up a BNC patch panel I used to have in a Land Rover for antenna patching and which has been sitting for 20 or so years sulking in a box of tools.

It has 32 holes each designed to take a BNC-BNC through adapter which makes for an extra plug at the rear – maybe a BNC socket wired to whatever kit it is intended for rather than the rear socket would be a better idea. It is the wrong shape of course, better for 4 rows and less width as it makes for long patch leads but if I have all the antennas in the centre I can cut that down – sensible routing is a must.

I will still need at least one switch but I have a good one ready to go in. The FT450D is the only thing that needs the three transverters (4m, 2m and 70cm) so no sense in those having both input and output on the panel.

Now, where on earth do I fit this thing…



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