I have finally removed the remaining X10 controllers having replaced the outside light controllers two days ago and the main room lighting dimmers today. Time will tell if any of these suffer from interference being 2.4GHz Zigbee but so far, so good. All of the X10 stuff is destined to go on eBay but it doesn’t seem to sell well – I guess I waited far too long to update everything here.

It’s not a major setup, one Zigbee controller / hub or whatever it’s called – USB and currently stuck in the front port of the server, two dimmers, two bulbs, and three relays.

The setup is Mosquitto and Zigbee2mqtt on the server and Homebridge on a Pi. The server is due to be replaced by another Pi shortly to save space and watts. So now Siri rules our lighting – well some of it! Be nice to Siri…



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