Tiger tiger burning bright…

So I need 28V at 15A for a 2.4GHz linear so I can finally do DATV via QO100. Meanwell do a 27V PSU that is sufficiently adjustable to get the 28V needed and they have a good reputation. I finally got round to ordering one from one of the suppliers I use.

I was rather surprised to be told they cannot sell it to me because of the CE / UKCA business caused by good old Brexit. I would need to be a VAT registered business and be purchasing for business use.


I found the same PSU from a UK supplier but again I cannot buy from them as I do not have a business account.

Double drat.

Ok… they (the UK supplier) have a PSU from a different manufacturer, Tiger, which has the same rating as the Meanwell one. I am hoping that this is of similar quality to Meanwell, has EMC components (rather than just a space where they would be!) and holds up under load. Time will tell.

These Brexit benefits just keep on coming…



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