Odd tuner issue

Well that was annoying. I very rarely do phone so I thought I would have a go at the 50MHz UKAC today. I could only hear one station so called and… nothing. The audio from the FT450D went very quiet and no reply heard. I moved the dial and checked that the tuner had cycled and got audio back, so went back to try the station again. Same thing.

Then I noticed (I really need to move kit about so I can see it all at once!) the tuner having issues when I spoke. It had knocked the tuning right out.

Time to run some coax down from the fan dipole in the loft which is still there and has one dipole cut for 50MHz… I did catch the tail end of the station I had called talking to another station (not heard) saying I must have blown a fuse… yeah, well nearly that anyway! Oops.



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