Network work

The pi-hole instance here now runs on an actual Pi rather than the server. Migration was easy – make a card image, run the pi-hole installer, backup the settings on the current installation and upload to the new system, shut down DHCP on the old system and start it on the new. Done – just watch the logs before deleting the old pi-hole. The hardest part was rebooting and/or giving static IP addresses to all the various systems.

Actually that last point was one I had planned anyway because when the server is being rebooted it takes DHPC off the air and any system that then tries to boot cannot find it’s network settings. Not an issue generally but it is after a power cut because the server takes a long time to boot. So the various Pi systems are all now set to static IPs.

Next up is to replace the server, which is an old PC with a Pi and move some bits about. The zigbee transceiver and the associated software modules (mqtt etc) will move to the Pi that runs homebridge, leaving the weather station for the new server Pi, plus an SSD which is on order. Also on order is a metal frame that takes up to 4 Pi systems and has fans.



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