CV2000- series valves

I have been investigating a series of CV marked valves specific to the GPO off and on (ok, mainly off) for a little while. The series CV2000-2031 are all listed as being specified for the GPO (later BT) and they have a special base fitted. Some, for example CV2000 are wire-ended valves with this base attached whereas others, CV2001 for example have tags welded to the pins of the valve base and then the special base fitted. Larger based valves get a similar treatment, for example the CV2006.

The EVS data sheets refer to PO documents CD712, CD713 and CD733. I have a copy of CD712 which is basically a drawing and parts list for the base but has no indication of why the base is fitted. the EVS sheet does however indicate the base is designed to be used with a solder-in base. I am not sure if this is to keep the valve secure or to get round possible contact issues with a pinned valve base, or both.

The plot thickens…



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