PC screen real estate…

One thing I’ve noticed is the screen required for these digital modes. I have a 22″ 16:9 screen and I had a secondary 19″ 4:3 one attached when I was writing my Ph.D. but it generated a load of RF hash. So now I just have the 22″ and it’s not big enough!

Many shack photos show dual screens or even dual PCs and multiple screens and I can see why. Ok I have the MacBook for logging and other things, but the shack PC desperately needs more screen size and/or more screens. Something else to work on. Unfortunately the PC is a scrapper that has no HDMI output so I am limited to a DVI and a VGA screen. Hmmm… so I need a better PC too…

I am just beginning to experiment with JT65 having set up WSJT-X recently and the screen is full.



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