More stuff to fiddle with

Armed with the LF converter I have been experimenting with antennas for the low side of things. There is far too much electronic hash in the house for any hope of receiving things so I now have a couple of antenna options to try outdoors. Given the radios are all upstairs and there is no easy cable route to the workshop where the antennas can go this means a remote SDR. There is already Ethernet in the garage where the QO100 transceiver was so experiments can begin.

Anyway, here are the new fiddleables… an IP35 mini whip from eBay seller radio.el32 complete with bias tee:

This comes as the two PCBs – antenna and bias tee – plus 3 BNC sockets. The metal box was sourced from eBay and the waterproof plastic housing from Amazon. It’s a lot bigger than is needed but should be fine.

And a ‘loop antenna amplifier’ (LAA++) and bias tee from Cross Country Wireless:

All being well the first test will be of the IP35 antenna once mounted on a wooden pole. The LAA++ will take me a little longer as I need to make a loop for it.



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