Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I finally upgraded to 18.04, an advantage of which is I am finally rid of the Unity desktop and back to Gnome. I never ‘got’ Unity and had added there Gnome add-ons which made it Gnome-like but quirky. For some reason, the system would always launch a service process via upstart that sat there doing nothing every time I unlocked the screen… resulting in the process table filing up before I realised.

The upgrade caught me out however. For some reason it did not bring across php-mysql or the Stomp library but both were easy to put back in. I use Stomp to pull in Network Rail Open Data, something I’ve been fiddling with recently but more of that some time later on.

It also seems to default to a later CIFS protocol than my poor old backup NAS devices use meaning they would not mount, so I had to add vers=1.0 to the lines in /etc/fstab to solve that one.

Finally, until I find more, Apache would not see PHP even though PHP had been upgraded so it needed a2enmod php7.2 and a bounce of Apache. That one is particularly annoying as without it Apache merrily shows The World your PHP script as text, including of course any passwords or other niceties contained therein. Fortunately this system is not accessible from outside the house network.

Nothing else seems to be amiss, the PC still sees the SignaLink USB interface and all audio devices are still where I left them.



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